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Dual 15″ High-Power Two-Way Loudspeaker

For the ultimate in performance and simplicity, a pair of BRC215 speakers, and a single, high-power amplifier delivers superb high-level music and powerful bass.

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Applications Live sound reinforcement for vocals and musical instruments High-level music playback The BRC215 is an excellent choice when the application calls for high performance and simplicity. A pair of BRC215 and a single, high-power amplifier is a complete sound system capable of reinforcing bass and kick drum or playing high-level music in clubs and other venues. The BRC215 is comprised of two 380 mm (15 in) Differential Drive® woofers with combined power handling 800 to 2000 watts (continuous). For the high frequencies, the legendary compression driver is mounted to a 75°by 50° horn. The 75° coverage angle of the BRC215 is wide enough to provide coverage of an audience when used one-per-side yet narrow enough to allow splaying of multiple enclosures without excessive coverage overlap. For applications requiring suspension, a flying version, the BRC215F is available. The F version offers the option of selecting economical, forged eyebolts (not included) for fixed installation or the convenience of detachable track fittings (not included) for portable applications.


Light-weight and very high-power.Dual 380 mm (15 in.) Differential Drive® low-frequency drivers for extended low-frequency output.(3 in) or (4 in) voice-coil ferrite/ neodymium compression driver for high-power capacity and very lightweight.75°x 50° coverage.Bi-amplified or full-range passive operation.On BRC215F model, five suspension points may be used with optional M10 eyebolts or detachable track fittings.


The enclosure is constructed of top quality plywood and coated in BRC’s rugged PAINT finish. The attractive CNC-machined, 16-gauge steel grille wraps around the sides of the enclosure so there are no protruding lips on the front of the box to create acoustical interference. The grilles are internally lined with acoustically transparent foam to provide additional driver protection and give a very professional appearance.


700 W, 800 W, 900 W, 1000 W, 1200 W, 1300 W, 1800 W, 2000 W

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