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  • ultra-efficient horn loaded top
  • Built tp produce mid high frequencies
  • Frequency response: 52Hz – 20kHz
  • Max SPL: 145 dB
  • Inputs speakon connectors
  • 12” high-performance woofer
  • 1” or 2″  Titanium compression driver
  • Standard pole mount { optional }
  • Equipped with handles for easy loading
  • Flying mount included

The BRC HNG 112 portable horn loaded  loudspeaker delivers class-leading volume and clarity, total ease of use and an unrivaled feature set at our most affordable price point. Sound amazing with a custom, pro-grade custom, pro-grade components that are engineered to outperform larger competing systems.  —no experience necessary—Play music, soundtracks and backing tracks with your favourite crossover or processor. audio streaming, and ensure your voice clearity.

The BRC HNG 112, which includes the 12-inch speaker and highs , offers legendary BRC HNG 112 fidelity, power and ease of use . Budget-conscious musicians, DJs, presenters and fitness instructors can count on versatile, full-featured BRC HNG 112 portable system to deliver stunning sound, no matter their experience level.

Availability: In Stock
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