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  • ultra-efficient horn loaded top
  • Built tp produce mid high frequencies
  • Frequency response: 52Hz – 20kHz
  • Max SPL: 145 dB
  • Inputs speakon connectors
  • 12” high-performance woofer
  • 1” or 2″  Titanium compression driver
  • Standard pole mount { optional }
  • Equipped with handles for easy loading
  • Flying mount included

The BRC HNG 112 portable horn loaded  loudspeaker delivers class-leading volume and clarity, total ease of use and an unrivaled feature set at our most affordable price point. Sound amazing with a custom, pro-grade custom, pro-grade components that are engineered to outperform larger competing systems.  —no experience necessary—Play music, soundtracks and backing tracks with your favourite crossover or processor. audio streaming, and ensure your voice clearity.

The BRC HNG 112, which includes the 12-inch speaker and highs , offers legendary BRC HNG 112 fidelity, power and ease of use . Budget-conscious musicians, DJs, presenters and fitness instructors can count on versatile, full-featured BRC HNG 112 portable system to deliver stunning sound, no matter their experience level.



The BRC-112HN is an ultra-compact, high power, mid-high horn-loaded top. Designed primarily for Large applications, this asymmetric horn-loaded top gives a smooth and highly accurate output that is ideally suited to short and medium-sized dance floors. BRC-112HN can be used at a range of up to 15 meters without having to tilt the cabinet, making temporary installations easy. BRC-112HN is the obvious choice for club systems & live performances. Dispersion is controllable between 30° to 45° horizontally and +10° to -25° vertically. BRC112HN has a frequency response of 70 Hz to 23 kHz (- 10 dB). Output SPL is an impressive 138 dB (peak). HF impedance is 8 Ohm, and LF is 8 Ohm. The overall weight of this impressive cabinet is only 33 kg. The overall look has a bold exposed red horn design and an acrylic textured paint finish achieves a high-class look suitable for club applications. Two-pocket handles and integrated rubber feet on the underside of the enclosure make it possible to ground stack the BRC-112HN on BRC-218, BRC-118, LS-217, and Bomb bass and other sub woofers models. Mounting options include aluminum Aeroquip flying strips (for use with CFEK flying eyes) located on the top and rear of the enclosure giving flexibility over the ground stack or flying positions. The rear cast aluminum connection plate has recessed connectors to aid cable management. Two 4-pin speak ON® connectors are fitted as standard, The BRC-112-HN is wired bi-amp with pins +1-1 for 12” woofer, and the 1.4” high-frequency compression driver on pins +2-2. We can rearrange the connection according to your needs also.